Life Members - Northern Districts Athletics Club
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Life Members

Becoming a Life Member

Life Membership shall be granted for any athlete, coach or official who is selected to represent Australia at an international competition sanctioned by the International Amateur Athletics Federation.


Life Membership shall be granted to volunteers who give ten or more years extraordinary service to the club.


Life Membership shall be granted to athletes who complete ten consecutive years for the club, commencing from the start of competitive athletics – Under 9. In circumstances where consecutive years are not achieved but has reached the desired criteria, the committee shall have the discretion to award Life Membership based on those circumstances.


Athletes who become Life Members, no longer have to pay club fees (association payments still need to be made).


These rules are not retrospective.


Life Membership can be revoked under extreme circumstances at the discretion of the committee.


Life Membership enables the right to vote at AGMs.


Life Membership applicants will be discussed and agreed upon at the General Committee Meeting prior to the AGM.

List of Life Members

Jane Barbour
Richard Bednall
Malcolm Bennett
Paul Benz
Graham Bland
Heather Bland
Amie Blandon
Charlee Boxall
Cherie Boxall
Malcolm Bray
Eddy Burgon
Gill Burgon
Robin Burns
Paula Byford
Gus Capagreco
Kaye Carlin
Paul Carlin
Sean Carlin
Nik Clavell
Peter Cooke
Rachel Creasey
Alex Cudarans
Knutt Cudarans
Jenni Dansie
Warren Davey
Zahlie Davies
Bev Disbury
Gerry Doyle
Kath Drewett
Michael Drewett
John Dunstan
Jeff Edwards
Susan Eichner
Trevor Fitzsimons
Leonie Fraser
Micheal Fraser
Neil Fuller
Chris Gibbons
Peter Gregg
Ian Goodrich
Bronwyn Grant
Peter Grant
John Green
Andrew Hall
Ben Hall
Christene Hall
Laurie Heath

Shirley Heath
Lesley Jesser
Alwyn Jones
Haley Jones
Eric Kelly
Jill Kelly
Steve Larsson
Karen Lynch
Anne McFadden
Derek McFadden
Rob McFadden
Roy McFadden
Kym McPherson
Simon Moran
Ernie Mullaart
Margaret Mullaart
R Munzberg
Lachlan Page
Vicki Payne
Annette Pinnock
David Pinnock
Allan Plunkett
Jo Porter
Adrian Pounsett
Denise Ratsch
Nathan Rout-Pitt
Sam Russell
Dave Sewell
Rosalind Short
Jarrod Sims
Elaine Sloman
Dean Smith
Jo Smith
Wolf Sportmann
Sue Stodart
Rodney Stone
Gary Thompson
Tania Van Heer
Joan Walton
Sharon Ward
Adrian Warner
Mark Warner
Tim Warnes
Ron Wasgind
Jess Wedd
Steve Wilson
Viv Wilson